Meetings And Workshops
CED has organized a series of meetings and workshops since its inception.These include;

1. Science Communication for Children, 1997(with NCSTC)
2. JFM and Biodiversity, 1998 (with IBRAD)
3. Farmers Right and Plant Varieties Protection Act, 1999 (with CID)
4. Environment Management System, 2000 (with Search Consultans)
5. Agricultural Policy of West Bengal, 2002
6. Trade and Environment, 2003 (with NUJS, Calcutta)
7. Enabling enviroment under 73rd and 74th Amendment, 2003 (with CUES, Calcutta)
8. Interlinking of Indian Rivers, 2003 (with IISWBM & NBU)
9. Grass Root Innovation, 2003 (with NIF, IIM Ahmedabad)