Welcome to the Homepage of Society for Environment and Development, Kolkata
In a world where much dilettantism has mushroomed in the arena of Environment and development Studies, Endev has been working with a professional commitment to integrity and understanding. The strength of ENDEV lies in the fraternity of experts in every major field of environment study. ENDEV was formed by a group of professionals from diverse disciplines, young and experienced, with the objective of carrying out the following areas of work programme, centering on the issues of environment and development.

Endev is involved ina broad range of activities related to environment and development, including:

  • Conducting benchmark surveys
  • Preparing status report and database
  • Organizing training course and workshops for capacity building
  • Holding academic discussions and seminars
  • Providing assistance and guidance to development agencies in environmental matters
  • Offering access to information related to ecology and environment
  • Preparing microplan with the objective of sustainable development
  • Establishing network with other organizations at local, regional, national and international level.